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Top 10 Technology Headlines for the Week of Dec. 3

Welcome to Zintel PR's Top 10 Technology Headlines for the week of December 3. Be sure to click-through for the full text of each article, and stay tuned for updated headlines every Friday.

Wall Street Journal: Google Suspends Two Mobile Apps After Reports of Ad Fraud

By: Aisha Al-Muslim

Google has suspended two apps from its Google Play app store amid allegations that they could have been used in an ad fraud scheme.

Gizmodo: The Hack of 100 Million Quora Users Could Be Even Bigger Than It Sounds

By: Rhett Jones

On Monday, the question and answer site Quora announced that a third-party was able to gain access to virtually every data point the company keeps on 100 million users.

SC Magazine: Canadian 1-800-FLOWERS Operation Discloses Four-year Breach

By: Bradley Barth

The Canadian retail operations of 1-800-FLOWERS has disclosed a four-year data breach affecting customers who purchased goods on its website, warning that payment card data was exposed.

The Verge: Hackers Reportedly Breached Republican Campaign Committee Emails During 2018 Elections By: Adi Robertson

Republican officials said that hackers had access to four senior NRCC aides’ email accounts for “several months,” until a security firm discovered the intrusion in April.

BBC: Should We Worry About Huawei?

By: N/A

Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, has hit the headlines over the arrest of the founder's daughter in Canada for extradition to the United States.

New York Times: Bad Landlord? These Coders Are Here to Help

By: Luis Ferré-Sadurní

The goal behind this wave of what coders call “civic technology” is to create low cost solutions to some of New York City’s most pressing civic problems, like affordable housing.

BetaNews: Privacy-focused Duckduckgo Finds Google Personalizes Search Results Even For Logged Out And Incognito Users

By: Mark Wycislik-Wilson

You might well expect that if you perform a Google search while signed into your Google account that the results will be tailored according to what that company has learned about you over the years. But what about when you're not signed into your account?

Axios Poll: Smartphones are Winning the Internet

By: Sara Fischer

Nearly 8 out of 10 smartphone users in the U.S. use their phones to access the internet at home more than or as much as a computer, according to an Axios/SurveyMonkey poll.

TechRadar: 50,000 Printers Hacked to Promote YouTuber

By Anthony Spadafora

What started innocently with fans going so far as to buy space on billboards to promote the YouTuber's gaming channel has crossed the line after one fan hacked 50,000 printers.

ZDNet: Marriott Sued Hours After Announcing Data Breach

By: Catalin Cimpanu

Hours after announcing a data breach on Friday, two Oregon men sued international hotel chain Marriott for exposing their data.

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