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This week in non-coronavirus news...

Coronavirus continues to dominate most headlines, so this week we're taking another break from pandemic news to see what else made news.

By: Anthony Spadafora

Security analysts at CyberNews have discovered an unprotected database online which contains over 800GB of personal information including detailed records on over 200m US users.

After bipartisan talks fell through on a federal national privacy law, Sen. Jerry Moran released his take on national privacy standard bill that would preempt state laws.

Nokia may be best known for cellular phones, but in recent years the Finnish company has focused on networking hardware — the radios and infrastructure that connect cellular devices to the internet.

What makes these 10 security vendors the biggest power players? We break it down.

Magecart hackers have struck again, this time targeting the NutriBullet website.

A survey on insider threats conducted by unified security and risk analytics firm Gurucul, revealed that nearly 65% of cybersecurity professionals have accessed documents that are not related to their job profiles.

While there's a ton of unbounded optimism from vendor marketing and consultant types, practitioners are still reserving a lot of judgment.

The first tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 when cofounder and current CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted, “just setting up my twttr.”

Aesports marketplace based in the Houston area has won some big partnerships for 2020.


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