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5G security threats, IoT fails, & coronavirus concerns in this week's news

This week's technology headlines included new cybersecurity threats for 5G, IoT security fails, and ongoing coronavirus concerns.

Facebook announced on Thursday that it is canceling F8, its biggest annual event, due to concerns over the coronavirus.

The breach affected all of the facial recognition company's customers, many of which are law enforcement agencies.

As 5G​, IoT and mobility deployments scale in 2020, mobile security is likely to become a larger issue. In Verizon's report, 59% of companies said they were hit by downtime with 58% losing data.

Researchers warn that there's more and more unauthorised connected devices on corporate networks - and that they could provide easy pickings for cyber criminals.

When it comes to securing the vote, officials keep pushing for the latest and supposedly greatest in election technology. According to cryptography experts at the annual RSA conference in San Francisco, that approach might just do more harm than good.

Cypress and Broadcom chip bug bit iPhones, Macs, Android devices, Echoes, and more.

Motherboard previously found the telecom companies sold phone location data to bounty hunters and other third-parties.

With so many large-scale data breaches at major companies, is it possible for brands to regain consumer confidence again?

The pale lager from Mexico is not having a great start to 2020

A technology used in a number of prisons is tracking students now too.


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