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Pew Research: Newspapers Continue to Lose Out to Social Media

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A new report from the Pew Research Center shows that today's technology inevitably continues to impact how audiences consume news. As you guessed, the stats show that audiences increasingly prefer social media over print newspaper as their main news source.

Here are a few of the report highlights relevant to public relations clients and professionals:

  • 20% of audiences now rely on Social Media versus 16% who still prefer print newspapers

  • Television remains the most preferred news source at 49%, although down from 57% in 2016

  • News Websites (33%) continue to be on track to dethrone TV in the years ahead

  • 9% of audiences surveyed specified they get their news from TV streaming devices

  • Radio inched up to 26% -- perhaps borrowing momentum from booming podcast demand

The full report includes more details on news source preferences by age and a few eye-catching charts. What other trends stand out to you?

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