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Zintel Public Relations Celebrates 17 Years of Excellence

This July marks the 17-year anniversary for Zintel PR. Having served a wide variety of clients, from publicly-traded companies to bootstrap startups, the growing Zintel PR team has been honored to receive continual client praise alongside serveral prestigious awards that reinforce the agency's "idea factory" mentality.

Based in Houston, TX, Zintel PR continues to represent more and more companies based both in the United States and overseas. The agency also continues to gain an increased number of Texas-based clients lookiing for a local firm that can service both nearby and broader needs.

We are only as successful as our clients. And as we celebrate our 17th anniversary, it's our incentive each and every day to continue to provide powerful public relations services that bolster client awareness and create ever-growing sales enablement.

Check out some of our latest industry awards:

Also, see our inclusion in one of DesignRush's latest marketing company listings.

Our thanks go to our many long-time clients as well as those that have recently joined us to gain consistent public relations success!


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