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Zintel PR Team Takes Home 2024 Cybersecurity Excellence Award

The dedication and determination from the entire team at Zintel PR made this year's win in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards possible. Named a Cybersecurity PR Agency of the Year, the firm was recognized for continually representing both publicly traded and private cybersecurity companies for more than two decades -- not to mention the countless media placements in both industry and national publications.

Zintel PR frequently receives praise for its ability to turn a media story idea into a revenue-generating sales tool that both C-level executives and on-the-ground sales representatives appreciate. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are determined based on the strength of the nomination, including demonstrated leadership, excellence and results in cybersecurity, depending on the category and nomination content.

In the complex and dynamic world of cybersecurity, excellence often goes unnoticed. That’s where the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards come in. The program says it recognizes companies, products and professionals that demonstrate leadership, innovation, and excellence in information security. Zintel Public Relations, as a boutique-sized cybersecurity-focused firm, is named among some of the largest brands in the industry -- underscoring Zintel PR's unique fit in the in market and the appeal to add Zintel PR as an extension to a marketing arm looking for proven public relations services.

Coincidently, this cybersecurity industry recognition stands as the firm's 20th such accolade -- being awarded upon its 20th anniversary. Zintel PR has participated in numerous successful exits and represented much-anticipated startups as well as companies on NYSE, Nasdaq, Euronext and OTC markets.

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