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TechBullion Lists Zintel PR as a Top 15 Tech PR Agency

In an August 2023 TechBullion article written by journalist Adil Husnain, the news outlet lists the top technology-focused public relations firms worldwide. The list includes some of the world's largest agencies as well as growing firms based both in the United States and Europe. With more than 20 years of continual cybersecurity-focused media relations, Zintel Publc Relations was among those included alongside some of the biggest and fastest-growing PR agencies in the tech arena.

In Zintel PR's case, it's an opportunity to cast a spotlight on the uniqueness of its position as a boutique-sized agency that brings hard-to-find experience and thought leadership within the cybersecurity tech B2B space.

The article states, "In this special feature, we unravel the strategies propelling their extraordinary success in redefining media engagement for tech entities... Prepare to delve into how these agencies expertly mold public perception, foster unwavering credibility, navigate crises, harness influencer power, and tailor communication for both B2B and B2C tech businesses... From Silicon Valley’s tech titans to nimble startups reshaping industries, these agencies stand as architects of tech firms’ achievements in today’s digital age."

Zintel PR is proud to have played its small role in helping to "architect" the tech and cybersecurity public relations process throughout the last couple of decades. A lot has changed. And we're especially appreciative of our many clients over the years, as they welcomed and valued Zintel PR as vital members of their overall PR and marketing teams spanning the globe.

To read the full articles and see the complete list, click here.


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