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Zintel PR Earns Bronze Excalibur Awards in Op-Ed and News Release Categories

Last night, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Houston chapter hosted the 34th annual Excalibur Awards gala to honor outstanding PR professionals, programs and tactics. The Zintel PR team was in attendance and honored to receive Bronze Excalibur awards in the Op-Ed and News Release categories.

Excalibur Award, Op-Ed Category

Increasing Privacy Concerns Call For New Way To Protect Encryption Keys

This opinion piece highlights how ever-increasing privacy concerns are creating a fast-growing demand for new ways to protect the encryption keys that safeguard our personal data. This cybersecurity executive lays out WHY it's worth it to rethink your approach to protecting customer data and WHY he thinks organizations can no longer rely on aging, legacy technology.

Excalibur Award, News Release Category

Crypto Security Technology Unveiled

Writing about crypto security in an easily understood manner can be a challenge! But the agency made it easy and rewarding for its client. Zintel PR worked with a cybersecurity startup to launch a new open source library for blockchain developers. Aimed at crypto wallets and exchanges, the new offering provides uniquely powerful security for crypto assets. The agency worked with the client's experts to best position the technology and present the value proposition to the niche audience. A number of industry-specific publications covered the successful launch.

These awards are the latest achievement in a year that already has seen Zintel PR earn a Hermes Creative Award. The agency also was recently recognized as the Best Cybersecurity Marketing Agency by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for the third consecutive year.


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