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Zintel Public Relations Named Best Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

Award-winning technology pr
Zintel PR Wins Top Honors for Cybersecurity PR

Just announced, the foremost Cybersecurity Excellence Awards today recognized Zintel PR as Best Cybersecurity Marketing Agency for 2019. This marks the third consecutive year that Zintel PR has earned the award.

This ongoing recognition further bolsters the agency's reputation as a leading cybersecurity marketing agency, and is buoyed by a new period of growth for the agency. Zintel PR is continuing to add new business and the best talent required for delivering the results expected of an award-winning security public relations agency.

Zintel PR has represented NASDAQ listed cybersecurity companies for more than 16 years. The agency has also gained notable awareness for bootstrap startups and private companies that serve as leading innovators in their field.

To learn more about how Zintel PR can elevate your public relations efforts, contact us today.

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