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Recap: PRSA Houston January Luncheon

Great energy today at the PRSA Houston January Luncheon at Maggiano’s Little Italy! Members mixed and mingled, taking time to welcome all newcomers. The tables filled up fast as attendees were eager to enjoy the family style Italian dishes.

My highlight of the lunch by far was hearing the diverse perspectives of professionals representing agency, non-profit, in-house, and digital communications. This group of communication professionals shared what tips, tools, and trends expected to be hot in 2019. So, what should we expect?

  • Video -- The use of video is becoming increasingly important to integrate into campaigns/strategies.

  • Staying “On Trend” -- You should always be staying up-to-date on the latest communication trends, but it is important to remain ethical when engaging on social media. Watch the importance of platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram increase while Facebook is under watch for a projected downturn due to increasing privacy concerns.

  • New Tools -- Project management tools such as Trello or time management tools like Sprout Social will become increasingly important for professionals looking to maximize productivity.

  • Self-Care -- Because PR professionals have the tendency to work 24/7, it is getting more and more important to unplug and take some well-deserved downtime. This preserves a professional’s resiliency and prevents burnout.

The Houston PRSA board took care planning and executing this month’s luncheon. The panel selected was lively and fresh, inspiring attendees to start implementing lessons gleaned from today’s discussion. My main takeaway (other than the lemon cookies that accidentally fell into my purse, whoops) was that the board is focused on a member-first focus in the new year.

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