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Zintel Public Relations Listed Among Top PR Firms of 2019, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, today announced their list of some of the best integrated marketing agencies and public relations firms that can promote brands through strategic storytelling.

In their announcement, they noted that studies show more than 80 percent of PR and digital marketing professionals believe brand growth will be rooted in storytelling.

"When brands control the narrative surrounding their products, services, and core values, they're better able to communicate effectively with consumers," DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian said in today's announcement. "This effective communication creates a transparent and trustworthy relationship that increases conversions and fosters brand loyalty."

Zintel PR, headquartered in Houston, TX, was recognized as part of their Top 13 Public Relations Firms of 2019. Also, most recently, Zintel Public Relations was named Best Cybersecurity Marketing agency three years in a row by the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, recognizing the agency's achievements as a security pr firm for more than 16 years. Learn more about Zintel PR's unique portolio of cyber and B2B technology experience.


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