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Agency Founder Matthew Zintel Recognized by CEO Monthly Magazine

In the sixth issue of 2022, CEO Monthly magazine named Zintel PR's founder, Matthew Zintel, as an Influencial CEO in Texas. The magazine, which aims to provide the latest news and features across the business world, described the issue with the following statement:

"We are happy to present you with a plethora of individuals that are making a huge difference in their spheres – not only are they influencing their sectors, but they are motivating and inspiring their teams. This variety of forward moving people shows us that anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself, put your trust in others, and push for what you know is truly right."

Matthew Zintel founded the agency nearly 20 years ago, specializing in B2B technology and cybersecurity. Since then, the agency has continually represented publicly-traded cybersecurity companies -- with several clients experiencing successful exits worth billions of dollars. The agency's team of account executives from across Texas and the United States have won numerous awards for their content creation and media placements in top national publications. Zintel PR clients become top thought leaders in their specialty and serve as ongoing sources for industry journalists.

The full downloadable issue of the magazine can be found here:


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