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Take A Moment: Really Give Some Thought To Your Backup(s)

Just think about it for a moment. A backup can mean the difference between a major catastrophe and a momentary inconvenience.

If you’ve ever lost a lengthy document that you inadvertently failed to save, you know the feeling. But multiply that feeling infinitely if it’s a huge amount of hard-earned data you absolutely must have to function, run a business, pass a course, capture an event, impress your boss, or retain a client. The feeling is all the same – it’s the consequence that spans wildly. It’s revenue, memories, success, effort… all deeply connected to our sense of worth and contentment.

Businesses, specifically, can be hit doubly hard in the case of major data loss – they take a hit in the gut in regard to reputation as well as actual dollars and the intelligence lost. Not to downplay a typical consumer’s loss of data, as that can still wreak havoc, just on a lighter, less costly scale most of the time.

Today, the day before April Fools' Day, stands as World Backup Day. Take a moment. Spend the time it takes to create not one, but two separate backups of your data. As a public relations team dedicated to assisting B2B, enterprise and cybersecurity firms in amplifying their message, Zintel PR sees first hand the value in consistently investing in backups. It's not an "if," but a "when" it's needed and appreciated.

Use today as a reminder to get it done. And if you or your business is already an avid backer-upper, inspire others to become the same. It's no joke -- backups can save businesses.


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