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A Distinct Difference: Zintel PR Celebrates Two Decades of Excellence in Cybersecurity, B2B Tech

From Authentication to IAM, Anti-Piracy to Video Security, Patch Management to Security Automation, App Security to Network Security, Vehicle Security to Health Data and Everything in Between...

Zintel Public Relations LLC has been honored to represent publicly-traded cybersecurity companies since its founding in 2003 with the set up of a small agency office in Southern California. Fast forward two decades and Zintel PR continues to represent public companies, but also countless startups as well as fast-growing international companies forging their path as an innovator in the often crowded cybersecurity space.

The PR industry had just begun to really wrap up using fax machines for press releases when Zintel PR entered the industry. Emailing press releases and using more advanced distribution systems via the wire services were becoming the norm. And before long, we were introducing basic social media usage for research and eventually even pitching. Nowadays, we find ourselves working with some journalists who solely prefer social media for media outreach. That said, it's still not the norm, but more and more common. It illustrates the never-ending shift in how we work and how we bring such obvious value to clients. More on that below.

The success of a cybersecurity B2B technology agency is rooted in knowing how to be an idea factory that uses both research and outreach in a way that not only creates ever-growing numbers of relationships, but opens doors for partnerships, excellent marketing opportunities, award wins, association involvement and so much more. One poignant example of how an agency illustrates this "always-customized" approach for its clients is the way it communicates. A media relations career and media relations team should connect with journalists and others with one-to-one communications that are not re-used. Spray and pray is a mostly junky approach. And journalists, especially, spot it in milliseconds.

Zintel is especially proud that it has never instituted technology that allows for an email to be sent to a group of journalists. instead, our messages include any number of human-touch moments that engage a SPECIFIC person. It has been praised by clients and writers alike -- and is reflected in our humbling number of PR industry awards (some of which we list here on the Zintel PR site).

Amid this milestone of more than 20 years in the cybersecurity PR business, Zintel PR wishes to thank its many, many clients from numerous countries, regions and technology spaces. It's an honor to play even a small role in helping business grow that ultimately end up protecting some of our most coveted assets -- our identities, corporate information, customer information, financial info and healthcare data -- just to name a few.

Here's to another bustling two decades! Soon, we're off to the 2023 RSA Conference once again to help clients stand out and win! Interested in learning more about Zintel PR? Contact us today.


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